Las Ventanas’ Ronald Reagan Memory Support Suites aid those living with dementia

Las Ventanas at Summerlin has opened the Ronald Reagan Memory Support Suites, a separate area specifically for those who are facing Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases and can no longer care for themselves.... Read More

Las Ventanas to open new unit for Alzheimer’s patients

Imagine a world where words don’t make sense, where you can’t accomplish the simplest of tasks and nothing seems right. A world where complete strangers walk uninvited into your home... Read More

Couples share ideas to keep marriages going strong

In America, the average length of a marriage is about 11 years. But for Herb Lowe and his wife, Bonnie, 11 years was just a warm up. The couple, who have been married 70 years, celebrated their commitment Wednesday afternoon with a song and a dance at the Las Ventanas retirement community... Read More

Retirement community toasts couples’ combined 937 years of marriage

When Marilyn Steege traveled to Nellis Air Force Base with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office for a training session in the 1970s, she met a strapping young airman named Herb. Herb, taken with Marilyn, wasted no time in asking her out that night. On Wednesday, the couple celebrated 40 years of marriage, surrounded by friends and neighbors at the Las Ventanas retirement community in Summerlin.... Read More