Life Care

Las Ventanas is Nevada’s premier active adult community, offering residents access to a full continuum of on-site care at an all-inclusive value. This is made possible via our Life Care program.

What is Life Care?

Our unique Life Care program is structured in order to provide you with true financial security, now and forever. This is accomplished through management of predictable monthly expenses, and careful future planning.

There are many benefits to this approach. For instance, if developments ever necessitate the need for assisted living or skilled nursing care, you need not worry. You can rest assured knowing it will be immediately available, who will provide it, and most importantly, what your costs will be.

In addition, a 75% refundable entrance fee offers exceptional estate protection, so you can be absolutely confident about your investment in the future while enjoying and embracing life like never before. It’s what really makes Las Ventanas the place to call home.


  • Outstanding estate protection through a one-time, 75% refundable entrance fee.
  • Guaranteed lifetime priority access to on-site assisted living or comprehensive nursing care (once approved for Life Care program).
  • Set monthly fee, giving you protection from any concern about increasing future costs of care.
  • Substantial savings compared to the average cost of private nursing care, should such care ever be needed.
  • If you should outlive your resources through no fault of your own, you will never be asked to leave the community.
  • The potential for substantial tax benefits.
  • If you have a long-term care insurance policy, you may be eligible to receive benefits from that policy’s assisted living or comprehensive nursing care. In all likelihood, your policy will work hand-in-hand with our Life Care program and pay earned benefits directly to you (as with all insurance questions, you should consult with your insurance carrier or agent for specific answers regarding the terms and conditions of your individual policy).
  • Several IRS rulings have established that a portion of your entrance fee and monthly fees may be deductible as prepaid medical expenses. These health care tax deductions are only available through Continuing Care Retirement Communities that offer a Life Care program such as Las Ventanas. As always, you should discuss your individual tax situation with your personal tax advisor.